Erin Shaw Designs

The very beginning of nature and earth can be read in a tree. By using fragments of trees through consistent collecting, the work echos it's inherent lineage. The collected material that I incorporate into the work inspires the direction of each piece. Allowing the work to transform the wearer, creating a new story in each atmosphere.

This work reflects a personal exploration of the living soul through metaphorical
constructions. Each piece investigates multiple associations that are present in
nature through timeless enchantment. I favor found materials that contribute their
function, cultural value, and traces of personal history into each design. By employing basic methods of connection such as felting, knitting and crochet the work is imbued with a strong feminine sensibility.

Photo TOP: Heather McGrath Photography, all rights reserved.

Photo Credit: Heather McGrath, Brit Woollard, Ali Burgis, Sarah Thielke, Amanda Prunesti, Hilary Webb, Aaron Mclaughlin, Erin Shaw.

Thank you~Models: Hilary Webb, Ali Burgis, Allison Krzanowski, Megan Smith, Megan Galante.